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I am a: Woman

Looking for a: Men, Women and Couple

First name: Geeta

Age: 22 (02-11-1997)

City/Town: New Delhi

Postal Code: 110021

Country: India   India

Join Date: 7 months ago.

Last Activity: 7 months ago.

Views: 1135

Score: 0 - Votes: 0

While working for Tjori from very lengthy time-frame, I have built up an unmistakable fascination for Indian ethnic form. My name is Geeta and I am a substance essayist for Tjori. Imbibing cultural and traditional crafts from around the globe, Tjori is a platform for treasured designs across apparel, footwear, bags, decor, and jewelry. In keeping with the essence of our brand, we also offer a range of organic and ayurvedic skin care products, using secrets whispered through the generations.
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